Is this the real reason why men prefer thin women?

Most men in fact like curvy women, but choose thin women because after some time curvy women become whales, and thin women become curvy.

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  • When it comes to weight and size I kind of feel like a man will go more towards a woman who takes care of herself, wears nice clothes, has a sporty , fun, outgoing thing about her and she has her head on her shoulders. It's more about confidence. However, that definitely isn't the case for most people. It's just that people have certain types or they don't but confidence shines brighter.


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  • Lmao! No. That is not how the body works.

    • Why not? In my experience those women who used to be thin turned into curvy MILFs, while those who were curvy became fat and unattractive.

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    • Are you sure a thin woman will take care and not end up being a land whale?

      Because If nothing is stopping her, why won't she?

    • Same reason why a curvy woman might decide not to get Fat in a relationship.

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  • All the thin women I know just get thinner...
    All the curvy women I know can go one in two ways - either get chubbier or get more athletic... and that's that.

    • *Or the thin women stay the same and just get that belly that comes with age...

  • i don't think so


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