How to tell if a. guy likes me?

hi I'm Rose I've been friends with this. guy for a long time I really like him awhile back he said he didn't like me last month or so he liked me and didn't want the commitment today he drove me home and helped me down the stairs of the threater he's giving me mixed signals

he directly told me he's lonely but my other friend he tells her. indirectly I like him a lot


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  • Sweetie don't waste your time in guys that send you mix signals. You'll meet other if million guys. If he has "mixed feelings" he isn't even worth it


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  • If you're 13 and he can drive then that age difference is a problem. He could go to jail.

    • uh were 20

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    • If you're 20 then that's cool. just tell him. he will say yes or no.
      If no, find someone else.

    • yup but deep in my heart I'll never lose hope

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