Do you think my tinder date actually want? What do I do?

I recently matched with this girl recently and we started talking , she quickly got flirty and
asked me to come over soon (she lives in a city next to mine) this is my first date with someone i've never seen i don't know if she's actually seeing it as a date or more like a hook up.
I'm also worried that she would be disappointed or something , i dont wanna go that far just
to end up leading to nothing.

So Any advice you can give about dates like this?

  • She wants a hook up (Go for it)
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  • She wants to know you first (Take it easy)
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What Girls Said 1

  • Most likely hookup, because it's tinder. Although it's not a guarantee, she'll probably decide when she meets you in real life if your profile pictures weren't lying and if she wants to hookup or not.


What Guys Said 1

  • Tinder = hookup.
    If you think differently your waisting your time and everyone else's.


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