Guys would you still think about a girl that?

Guys do you find yourself thinking or missing the girl you have not only a emotional connection with but physical connection as well? Say for instance y'all were really in like with each other and getting to know each other but you felt like things were moving to fast or you & decided to just be friends. Would you still think about her or even miss how y'all once were?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I used to speak to a girl. Never met another like her. We had amazing chemistry and we just clicked. We don't talk anymore for reasons best not being said. Still get on with life as usual
    But i miss her like mad and she's on my mind most days. Depends on the connection between the two people, likelihood is if you had a good connection your definitely going to miss them.

  • I love the progress in a relationship. I actually hate the beginning. Because you are trying to find out if she is worth it. or wondering if she is still thinking about that when you love her.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't understand. If you liked the guy, why decide to stay friends?

    • He wanted to say as friends... I guess the long distance between us stopped him

    • Oh... I see. I don't know if he still thinks about you, honey. But if he wanted to stay friends, I'd encourage you to move on. 😉

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