Any advice for dating a shy girl?

I'm dating this girl who is really shy. She can't maintain eye contact and has to look away frequently. I have to lead most conversations but when I ask a question, she is usually enthusiastic to give an answer. But there are also plenty of times when there are awkward pauses where no one is talking. I try to provide a fun and carefree atmosphere and joke around a lot to help her break out of her shyness. But sometimes it is tough to tell if things are going well and if she is interested in me at all?

So, shy girls or people with experience with shy girls, let me know your opinion on dealing with shy girls.


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  • they are a little bit more closed off than most girls. Bring her to places where she is forced to talk about something. Bring her to adventurous events. Like theme parks, renasaunse festival hiking, on trips. which will make you look better to her and will give her more to talk about.

    • Great advice! I went to a science museum with her and had a blast. She was being more outgoing and things were great, but when we went to get dinner after, I could tell she clammed up when we had to sit across from each other. But I'll just give it some time and I'm sure things will work out!

    • That's good to hear. It's amazing to me to hear sometimes that the sexiest creatures of the human race can be shy. I believe all people should just open up and believe in them selves.

    • try sitting next to her.

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  • Show her that you don't bite, help her if you see that she can't do something, or just read the same book and start first talking about it, how did you like it, etc, and then ask her, or just do something new with her.

  • I think she will get less shy with time. The more you hang out, the more she will feel more comfortable around you.


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