What should we do on our first visit in a long-distance relationship?

Both of us live in pretty boring towns, so it's not like there's a lot to really do around town. And we don't want to spend lots and lots of money. But I'm not really sure how to fill several days in town with activity when there's barely anything to actually do around town. If it was a short date it would be easier but we're talking about him coming up for about 3 days to hang out together.


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  • Um maybe going to a different town or city for the first or last day to have most of the fun and then the other two days just do stuff around town/make each other entertainment

    • There's really nothing but even smaller towns around here, unless you want to drive 2h each way to spend time in the nearest big city. I'm not even sure we could fill one day with things to do in this town though.

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    • I'm just worried about the cost of spending the time driving both of us to a big city, then having to pay for activities to do there, then having to go all the way back. It sounds like a way to spend a lot of money to be bored for 4h of driving.

    • well then don't do that lol. It already sounds like in your head your made up your mind on what to do so I will just say that spend time together and make each other the entertainment

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  • Sex.
    That's pretty much all me and my boyfriend do when we see each other again hahahah

    • We're waiting until marriage. No sex. We're not even sleeping over with each other.

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