Honestly does it sound like I said something wrong or am I just wasting my time?

So I've been seeing this guy for just a couple of weeks... he is in a couple of my classes this quarter and we just went out drinking one night and things kinda just happened. Last night i asked him if i could kinda ask him an adult question when he was dropping me off after getting dinner and hanging out with his. friends and. he kinda just looked uncomfortable and said i dont know we just hangout i mean well see than that was it. Were hanging out later tonight with his group of friends tonight...


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  • If he can't give you a good enough answer to what you guys are then if move on if I was you

    • Yeah i feel like that was a fair question... i didn't even pressure him or anything i just asked him what he thought and i was okay with whatever and he just said I don't know basically... tonight i mean well see what happens but i may just need to move on because i dont really want to be in a relationship where the guy doesn't seem to appreciate me

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    • You have to let him know he can't just walk all over you and think he can control you and that yourself interest quickly if you don't see any potential be careful tonight have fun and keep in mind what he could possibly turn out to be like good luck

    • you're right. i'll probably say it like this when we get a moment to ourselves tonight: that i know what i want from a relationship & if he doesn't see this as potentially being more than just two friends hanging out i'm not sure if i can be apart of something like that because i want more & i think i deserve more than if he is still like "idk we're just hanging out" than i'll just say that it probably isn't a good idea to keep doing this if that is what you want because it won't work out

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