Met a girl, HUGE chemistry, she has a boyfriend but negs him a lot. She told him she wanted to break up and he begged her to stay?

Me and this girl have had tons of fun. This might seem a little morally grey but whatever. She told me repeatedly she was tired of the relationship and was looking for a way out. We spent TONS of time together, she'd come over for lunch and we'd hang out after work all the time. We even spent valentines day together recently. Things seemed to be going well but I didn't want to emotionally invest too much due too the boyfriend situation. Anyway this past weekend we spent together, and unknown to me she told her boyfriend she wanted to break it off while he was away at work. He melted down and flew back to save things, and I guess she appreciated the gesture. Now I'm not after writing novels at her trying to get her back, and she already told me the other day that he goes back to work in a couple weeks and that she'd be back. So now I'm wondering how to play this out. Everything her and her friends have told me is that she doesn't want to be there anymore but he keeps guilting her into staying. They've broken up a few times but he convinces her to come back. I'm aware of the potential for heartbreak but I got mine on lockdown. So what should I do? So far I'm playing it cool and dating other chicks but I want to see this one again we have real chemistry. What do you guys think?


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  • If she isn't single move on


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