Am I too sensitive? And if not how do I bring it up?

Im asking for a lot of advice today! My boyfriend likes tons of girls pictures on Instagram and they're people I follow as well and I can see he likes them and 9times out of 10 their boobs are out or butts or all together half naked. This makes me feel like he wants a girl that looks like that and There's no way I'm gonna change myself for him but I just feel like it stupid to stay together if I'm not what he's looking for! Am I being too sensitive and him liking pictures means nothing? Or am I worried for the right reasons and should just end it?


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  • Definitely being too sensitive. He's not with you because you have your boobs hanging out. Remember that. I wouldn't break up with him over this, it's a petty reason tbh. As long as you're both happy otherwise then it's fine.

  • He's probably just entertaining himself I don't think it means anything


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