I have had acne for 8 years, I met this girl with bad acne and I feel awkward around that. Will I always be shallow even if I went through it?

I have this girl which is my partner for a class and I find it hard to look at her, like she's the reflection of how shallow I am. I keep focus on the class but my mind multitasks the thought of her acne every damn minute. I can't help it. It's like when I had really bad acne on my face, I couldn't think straight when talking to people because I was focused on how my acne was portrayed to them.

I think I have to admit it. The girls I had a crush on are all very attractive.

I always think I'm attractive with acne because without my acne I would really believe I'm very hot and I find that sad now. I think these 8 years of ongoing acne was meant for me to not become a narcissist/egocentric douche. Everything has a reason, right?

The thing is. I don't want to date fat people, I would probably dump a girlfriend if she got fat during the relationship. I wouldn't date a girl with acne on her face, just her face, even if I had face, chest, back, butt acne and went through it.

I can completely feel empathy for those who are ugly because of genetics, know is wrong and I still would never date them. I am highly considering never dating. I haven't been kissed, touched in any seductive way and I think I wasn't born to live a life with another person. Not just because of my skin problem, but everything that has to do with what I want in life.

So as of now, if someone ask about relationships, I'd say I'm shallow as f*** because it's the way it is. I can't comeback from this. I'm sorry if I ever met a perfect girl that wouldn't care about this but it's not about that. I should be able to be acceptable to everyone, not like, but acceptable.
Oh and I'm talking about horrible acne on their faces. Not 7-8 spots which don't bother at all.


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  • Yeah you're just a shallow jerk. and it's really stupid to considering u probably aren't anything to close to great looking or even cute for that matter

    • I'm shallow but not a jerk. I may be a bad boyfriend but I can be a great friend. Just because I don't like unattractive people as girlfriends doesn't mean I wouldn't want to not be friends. I currently have those types right now and they're the best kind of friends atm.

      Assume what you'll want. I don't care. The only thing one should be attractive is for another girl and since I just wrote why I shouldn't be in a relationship, I would not care.

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