Do I have a chance with him?

For 2 years, I suppressed my crush because he had a girlfriend, and that I'm an awkward loser lol so I was sure there's no chance. When we did start becoming friends, He seemed to enjoy when I'd approach him and encouraged me to open up to him more, and would try to initiate conversations with me or make me laugh or join my conversations to learn more about me, but I made sure to suppress hope because his outgoing, touchy-feely personality can come off as flirty. Soon, I was more wary of him because I liked him more, so I'd avoid him, and any time he would try to talk to me I panicked or was super awkward, and he told his girlfriend that he feels bad because he feels like he makes me uncomfortable. He still initiates conversation when we're alone, but it's like he has to be in the mood for it, and I feel like I annoy or bore him.

He's single now, but I've shown that I'm more of a loser: being team captain and getting my team in last place because of dumb things I did, making a fool out of myself in front of him. He takes competition and competence super seriously so I'm scared I've turned him off. Ontop of that, he's a physical, adventurous, witty person and I come off as anxious, abstract, and introverted. I have gotten recognition for being the youngest preacher-type in the church and am called onstage a lot, but I don't feel like I impress him, or that he'd be patient with my quirks and inexperience. He also has always been close with his childhood friend (she has a boyfriend and says she doesn't like my crush, but she's super possessive of him and they're always together). I guess I already know the answer to this, but could I have a chance with him?


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  • Then just text him and be like dinner and a movie or you really gonna keep Teasing me?


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  • If you play your cards right, you can manage to make him fall for you. Have you actually ever tried asking him out?


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