Boyfriend made me feel absolutely useless?

It was my boyfriends birthday and I didn't get him a gift because I was waiting for to get paid as I just started my job recently and wanted to buy him a lovely present. His manager (female) is completely in love with him. So, for his birthday: she surprised him with a cake; took their entire staff to a restaurant and paid for them; got him a lovely gift. He spent the entire day praising and complimenting her. Okay I get it, I'm happy she did something for him but he doesn't constantly need to repeat it every single minute and rub it in my face. He kept in directing things at me and was rubbing it in my face that she did something for him and I didn't. I have never ever felt so worthless and useless in my life. It even made me cry. I am planning something for him, but I'm just waiting to get paid so I have enough to get him a lovely present as well. He said I'm acting childish and I need to grow up but honestly it really hurts when the person you love compares you to another woman. What should I do?


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  • Seems like a sly move from the female manager. As a boyfriend myself I would of easily been able to see past and into her ulterior motives. Him rubbing it in your face is completely inappropriate.

    • I completely agree with you. I'm not even sure if he realizes her motives or he's just purposely trying to avoid it. She says he's his best friend but honestly, he's never said a single good thing about me but is always praising her, saying how much of a good person she is.

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