Would you date a guy who's seen an escort?

I'm not talking about these cheap prostitutes I'm talking about high end escorts. The guy would be disease free and a good guy?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would. there's no harm in a guy thats been with an escort, even a common prostitute as long as he's been tested I'm fine. but then again not every guy would tell you if he's been with an escort so really we end up hooking up with guys like that anyways. But if you decide to tell the girl you're with thats a bonus and I don't think she'd have a problem with it as long as you're clean.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Most will say no, which is funny because the girls who say no are the same girls who say "the past is the past" and that their sexual history should have no bearing on how they are perceived today.

    So a better question is why would you even admit to it in the first place?

    Girl lies about their sexual history all the time, so why would you choose to be completely transparent with them?

    • I admit to it because I don't care. If they are going to be that judgmental (unlike the escorts I see) I wouldn't want them anyway.

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  • I wouldn't mind just as long as it wasn't often or anything like that. Maybe if they just went "for the experience" so to say.

  • Yes sure, he wants sex and doesn't want to have it with a random stranger or a dubious prostitute. He would get my interest.


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