The guy I've been dating is different in person than through text. Should I be worried?

We've been dating almost two months now. This is something that's been bothering me for a minute and I've asked him about it before. He's super flirty through texts but in person he's very chill and laid back. He doesn't say the same things and we don't have the same conversations in person. We're having sex and we don't even talk about how it was or what we like in persin, it's all through text. Other than this we get along great, the sex is bomb, and I'm not expecting him to commit seriously since we've only known each other two months.

Should I be concerned or am I looking for problems?


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  • Well you first problem was giving up sex in the first 2 month's before getting to know him.

    Your second problem is that you don't know him.

    So, the answer you seek for the future is this:

    "If you want a long term relationship with a man, don't bang him so early." You must understand that the more guys you have sex with and then break up with, the more emotionally hurt and damaged you will be.

    Screen for men better by keeping your legs closed for as long as possible. A quality man will wait.

    • I get so many mixed answers on this site. Don't have sex in the first couple months or you'll mess it up. Don't wait to have sex because he won't stick around because he feels you aren't attracted to him. Quality men will wait. Quality men won't wait because you didn't wait for other people or they like sex too.

      I just do want feels good. Before when I wasn't having sex at all men still dumped me.

      All of this is so confusing.

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    • See, there are so many nuances to these types of questions that it takes a while to flush out details and get a better answer :-)

      But at this point let things flush out.

      "There's so much to do in the world to waste my life."

      I wouldn't consider Creating a life into the world a waste of life.

    • I don't mind have children. I want to make a name for myself too is all

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  • Maybe he needs some time to feel more comfortable. However, if you think he's very different, then I'd suggest you to stop seeing him.


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  • It may just be that he's not really as comfortable talking about certain things out loud as he is in text. If it's bothering you at all, you might try to approach him about it. But if you like him, I wouldn't be too worried.

    • When I asked him before he said he was shy. But I don't know

  • I'd be concerned


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