I like her... she likes my friend, what now?

I met this girl; I thought she was great! She flirted, touched arms, held hands, etc. We hung out a lot, but then, she met my friend. She and Him started to talk a lot, and it went from spending time just us two to including him. She'd speak to me, still flirt a little, but then bring him up and start talking about him. Eventually, he asks us out to lunch, we go, and they admit they like each other with me in the middle. I felt heartbroken, sad, but if it made her happy, I guess it's for the best. The worst part is, the same thing happened not more than a month ago, and the same thing before that. Three times this has happened, losing a girl to someone else, this time to a very close friend.

They talk to me, and worst off ask me to ask each other relationship advice vice versa (it's been one day). I couldn't take it and said I recommend them to talk directly rather than through me. I feel hurt, and sad, and with it regularly happening, depressed. Any advice?


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  • Move on


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  • It happens man. You are just on a bad roll, but you need to learn 'game' and start lifting weights and working out.

    Improve your physical body and your mental body will improve as well.


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