First Date Logistics - Where to go?

So I'm trying to think of where to ask a girl out on a date, and I'm actually putting some thought into this.

I think movies are a terrible idea. You're both quietly watching a movie most of the date... well that was fun. So... call ya later? Yeah, return dates at the movies are fine, but terrible for first dates.

I also don't like proper restaurants either, because those are generally crowded and you're spending too much time eating instead of talking.

What I'm looking for is a place that is chill, not too demanding, where you're more or less left alone. A place that isn't all that crowded or noisy.

The point is to be relaxed, not too engaged in any activity or with other people, allowing you lots of room to talk uninterrupted.

Here's what I've got so far:

coffee shop
microbrewery (it's classier than a bar, and less crowded)
hookah lounge (relaxing music, hookah, lots of room to talk)
Panera Bread
A mexican dive (low-key place to get tacos, cuz even if the date bombs, at least I got freakin' tacos that day!)

Remember, this is first date stuff, not returning date stuff (e. g. movies, skating, mini golf, etc.)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Microbrewery sounds nice.
    I don't know where you live, and how the weather is there, but here are some nice dates I had:
    a walk in the park, there's a nice kiosk and lots of grass to sit on and benches,
    at the beach if it's a hot day,
    on the seaside, very nice when the sun goes down,
    and there's this place in my town, it's like a park inside an old fortress, it has a nice view on the canals and it's not crowded. Maybe there's some place somewhat similar to that where you live?


Most Helpful Guy

  • People are too hard on the movie first date. It's just fine. It's a shared experience and you can discuss performances, the quality of the movie, parts of the story, anything. And one thing can lead to another...
    "Why did you hate that scene? It was cute!"
    "My mom did something like that for my tenth birthday. I've been terrified of clown-snakes ever since (sorry, I literally just saw Lego Batman)"
    "Wait, those really exist?"
    "Yeah. Mom and Uncle Duke ran this illegal secret underground lab..."
    ..."... and now, they're sort of responsible for the end of mankind."

    Anyway, the point is don't discount the movie date. I went on a date (a first date, mind you) a couple of years ago. The girl and I went to see a movie and then out to dinner afterwards. We had a great conversation over dinner.

    Coffee is always a good first date. It's low-key, low-pressure, quick (in case it goes badly) and inexpensive.


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What Girls Said 2

  • i think a coffee shop and maybe a light lunch/pastry is nice. Also try to pick a coffee shop in a nice place like near a park where you can walk around or whatever after

  • wherever you want to, coffee sounds good


What Guys Said 1

  • First Friday is coming up next month, do a double date with some friends and go see the different art and then end the night at a hole in the wall bar/hookah lounge.

    Double dates are your friend early on.


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