Why would a guy ask me to hangout only to not reply/follow through?

Hey so I have been dating this guy for a couple of weeks and he was texting me almost every day and then the other night he asked me to hang out the next day and I agreed to it but then never got a text back OR EVEN HEARD from him since and it has been two weeks.



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  • he has moved on... or the most probable chance it was a fake number and someone was playing prank.

    • No it wasn't we have gone on a date before. Why would he try so hard to hangout and then suddenly move on the day after?

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    • So weird.. I don't understand he doesn't seem to be in an emergency and there is nothing he could have possibly found out. Guys make no sense thanks anyway

    • cheers, best thing to do is move on dearie

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  • Maybe he was talking to multiple girls at the same time and found someone else now

    • Within a day of asking me? How is that possible?

    • How do you even know this guy?