Girls, Any difference dating a white guy, then any other race?


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  • I do have pre-conceived notions about guys. I wouldn't date a Muslim because I feel like my Muslim guy friends (raised in the US) have double standards. I wouldn't hesitate to date Asian guys who still have a traditional mindset because traditionally they value boys more than girls, once again double standards, etc. If they were raised in the US or have more modern views, then it's fine.

    But, in terms of dating, there really is no difference, dated a white guy, chinese guy, indian guy, hispanic guy, they were all sweet people.

    • Your white?

    • Correction: I would hesitate to date Asian guys with a traditional mindset.

      Nope, not white, Asian. I honestly don't care what race the guy I'm dating is as long as he doesn't have an antiquated mindset, is a good guy, and treats me right. Is there a reason why you're curious? Also you might find the response statistics for dating websites interesting, they break it down by gender and race.

  • I imagine that there are culture differences.


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