Is this guy seeing other women?

So I met a guy through work and we've gone out on a couple dates for lunch. He said he wants to take me to dinner this weekend. I told him Friday but he said he couldn't because he's taking his mom to dinner. So he asked if I could do Saturday and I said yes.
At first I didn't think anything of it but what young guy takes his mom to dinner on a Friday night? Am I reading too much into it?
He is also pretty private. I honestly have no idea what he does outside of work and he only works part time.
He also doesn't text me very much and it often will take him a long time to text back.
We haven't talked all that much but we had a good time on our lunch dates so I'm looking forward to our Saturday date.

What are your guys' thoughts based on his behavior so far?

So I've confirmed my gut feelings. I hadn't heard from him all day so I texted him asking if we were still going to go to dinner. He replied saying he meant to text me and tell me he wasn't feeling well but asked if I could go tomorrow. I didn't reply.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Keep going. You will either get your answers or it will be time to go. You might want to take the slow road sexually and reward openness when it happens..

    • (Update) You are being played like a fish. Don't. Walk away.

    • I texted him saying I'd be busy, so he says he wants to go next weekend. Still no?

    • Be "busy" again and see what happens next.

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  • Yeah, probably. Why not? It's dumb to put all eggs in 1 basket. Other than that it's just dating, not a supposedly-closed relationship. Most non-losers that can get a date do so with more than one at a time if free time permits.


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  • I would give him the benefit of the doubt if I were you.


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