Does he really love me?

Feb 1st I found out my boyfriend told his ex he loves her and will always have her on his mind. Than two days later he told me he loves me and is going to miss me so much. He also said he can't wait to recive my letters (he is at bootcamp) and can't wait to come home to see me. He acts and shows that he really does want to be with me but I just don't get why he told his ex he loves her.. am I wrong? Does he not love me? I found out from his ex... I can't talk to him about it till he graduates bootcamp because he can't receive any negative letters.
FYI I found out feb 7th ish that he said that to her. Feb 3. He said that they don't talk.


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  • Maybe she told you a lie after all she is an ex, how does he act towards her?

    • They haven't talked till feb 1. Feb 3. Tho he lied to me saying they were just following each other that they don't talk. (Started following eachother again on the 1st as well)

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    • These girls were texting him before he left and he would show me. All the girls kept asking if he would hook up with them for a night when he gets back and he told them all that he has me.. but now that seems like nothing since he messaged his ex. I felt so special and that we will get through this but than I found out about what he hid...

    • Because you would act like how you are acting now

  • Did his ex have any proof that he told her that he loves her?

    • Yes she sent me the proof

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    • I must say, don't ever bring this thing up to him. His behaviour is strange. However, if you believe that he would never ever cheat on you, then it could be possible that he loves his ex - as a friend. Mostly, when two people break up, they don't talk to each other, you see, bitter relations. But some people break up respectively, and stay as friends, helping each other when needed.

    • So I shouldn't tell him I know

  • Hey, when did he tell her this?
    Was it Feb 1st or that's when you found out?

    • He told her feb 1 he loved her and he told be feb 5 he loved me. Than feb 7th she told me and claimed she didn't know about me otherwise she wouldn't have answered back

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    • Oh okay, Congrats tho!
      Well, only time will tell, girl...
      Good Luck!! :)

    • Thanks for the help

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