Was I stood up?

I planned this date with a man ( well he approached me and planned the date ) he was coming from a different country for business, so we planned 2 weeks ahead. As the day got closer, we talked more and more about our date and we decided to have lunch today. ( he flew into my city last night ). He NEVER messaged me ALL DAY. I kept sending him a new message every 2-3hrs and I got no replies or read messages I even called two times and there was no response. At first I thought he was probably jet lagged, then I was worried that something had gone wrong with the flight but now I'm furious and thinking that I got stood up. I just hate planning something and looking forward to it and out of the blue, it "cancels". I still haven't received a message from him


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What Guys Said 1

  • Thats why you keep the "fuck you" mentality. never expect... that way... you never get disappointed.

    • I know right!

    • meh.. its what it is... just get dressed... look good, feel good... fuck the person that stood you up... screw the one in front of you...

What Girls Said 1

  • You probably got stood up, yes


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