She told me when she has time to talk or when she's off work good sign?

I know this trainer girl at the gym, she sometimes makes time for me to show me free things in the gym. She never charges me. I suspect due to all the eye contact we do that she might be interested. She always asks when she will see me again as in when I will be back?

She came up to me, the other day and told me when she gets off work and what her schedule right. She said she wanted to talk and catch up. She asked me when I was free. She said she was free at 7pm. she has appts until then. I told her I might be around. I ended up leaving. I'll see her again. But was this a good sign? I mean she wanted to make time for me after her work. I didn't expect this at all.



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  • yeah it is

    • Care to elaborate? or is there not much else to say. Is this a bold approach or sudden?

    • I meant subtle

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