What can a hopeless romantic teen do?

Basically all my stories are usually off the ordinary. I've still never had a good boyfriend due to my-- i don't even know. Some of y'all might say that I'm being dramatic for a 14 year old but despite being healthily chubby, I'm not that ugly. I'm just sorta dark which I am not even sad about.

So anyway, I've been making friends with a lot of people of which a boy, lets call him T, comes along. he made the first effort to get to know me, i never let on that i was "interested" and called him dude and bro. he calls me by a nickname that my friends use at school, Shrek... (i made myself that nickname bc its hard to make a nickname with my name). he's somehat good looking but I've been really careful not to fall for him (i was rejected HARD by our school quarterback that i liked last year.)

he's really genuine, but now he's one of the many guy friends I have that don't see me as a girl. I literally just helped him with a girl that he liked since last semester. He's somewhat good at "flirting", and he's really sweet despite how many rumors come across him (on steroids, f-boi, etc.) When I helped him with his girl, he said "I LOVE YOUUUUU" obviously in a friendship way and often calls me "fam, bro, dude" or whatever.

I've seen a lot that best friends can fall in love eventually. This time, it's not just because I want a boyfriend, but because I have this kinda feeling that we'd be perfect together. I'm not head over heels for him either, but do you think this would ever work out? Should I just be my ungirly but cute self around him or should I act differently.

I just want to know if it is possible.


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  • You should keep learning more about what you want for yourself, what you're passionate about and set your goals around them. Imma tell you like a G, told me people will fail you but when you're happy with being alone that's when doors begin to open. And it's true, don't worry & refrain from getting too needy. It'll all pan out just dig into your goals and take in life one smile at a time


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  • You're young so don't know any better. In short love sucks. It's possible but careful what you wish for.


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  • I don't know if you've ever heard of the law of attraction, but it definitely works. Look into it. I swear you won't be disappointed.


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