Help! How do I get motivated to date again?

I'm pushing 30 and I have lost motivation to date, I did pretty good in my early 20's. But I feel like my entire dating life has been shot down due to jealous friends or ones who think they have good intentions. We all have met that girl who will ruin her friends chances of being with a guy but when a guy hits on her she would abandon her friends and ride off with him into the night for a night of anything could happen.
Then we have the friends who have good intentions but because of their narrow views on life and due to their emotions they go out of harms way to stop you from doing something because to them it seems negative. Like my ex destroyed our relationship but she let the laziest, unmotivated deadbeat mom convince her that I was an evil, controlling asshole because I didn't want to stay out til close at the bar every night, got her a decent job and was trying to get her back into college again. But low and behold this deadbeat mom met a guy who did the same thing to her and she was all for it, but she ruined that in like two weeks.
Then I have met girls who I hit it off with and I have a great time with them, but I think they feel awkward the next day because I had them so mesmerized they fear i'm playing them or maybe we went too fast or maybe they felt guilty because they went out with another guy and had more fun with me? I don't know i'm just tired of going to strip clubs and taking naps because I feel alone so any advice will help


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  • Look into the law of attraction. I swear it's not bullshit and you won't be disappointed.


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  • I feel the same way. I started talking to one girl 26, a model, who ended up a giant hoe (one night stands, abortions, etc) so I blocked her, and I was doing it while trying to leave or at least cheat on my girlfriend who's a hoe too. Every girl I talk to is a hoe with baggage and I'm just so fking depressed that I can't find a girl to be mine. Just go Muslim or move overseas and teach English in Japan. Their women aren't fucked up, outside of Tokyo

    • I remember my friends in high school would cock block the shit outta me, every time I tried to hook up with a chick they'd throw on this "you'll regret it", "people can't find out out we have alcohol at this party" speeches but the one time I was successful with a fat vegetarian they gave two shits about what happened, and they always pushed me towards a now dependapotomus (a fat military wife who mooches off her husband and makes tons of babies). And when I was in the air force I tried to get with one girl and my friend threatened to kill himself because the girl turned him down and in the military you have to attend to someone who is suicidal

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