Crazy dream part TWO.. What do you think this all means? (More info on first question. This is where things get so strange)?

I think this was a continuation of the same dream. But then my best friend and I were getting ready for a party (different party) it was some event at a hybrid of my high school and college. So we were getting ready and it was some sort of theme but I forget what it was but my friend had done her makeup really well, very theatrical and matched the theme of the party. And I showed up and I had forgotten to do my makeup (I'm in aesthetics/makeup professionally). So I was trying to buy some but i couldn't seem to make it happen.

Then "guy2" kind of appeared but he was a weird hybrid with my high school ex boyfriend (dated for years great relationship and he treated me so well but he ended up cheating, he was also very cocky and little arrogant) anyways. We were talking and wondering though the hybrid high school/college school And we were talking snd it was okay but weird. We went into this special event room from the highschool and we sat down at a two person table. Lots of people around us. But then I turned around and I saw this dragon painting I had made that was on display. I walked over to it and the face and wings had been removed, and had been replaced with wood? it almost looked like a wooden horse? I was very upset about it. I came back to the Guy/ex hybrid guy and we were eating donuts, but then I had another box of donuts I wasn't even eating them but was saving them without him knowing? And then he wanted me to meet his family so we walked down through the forest which was misty to the side of the lake. And then we started walking in the water towards this woman who was on a paddle board, turned out to be guys mother (ive never met her) (did meet and loved exs mom) But as soon as we reached her it changed from lake to their house. And she was commenting on how underdressed I was for this special event. I think I woke up after. I don't know.

Wtf? Thoughts?


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  • This is pretty straightforward. The seven fat, healthy cows represent seven years of economic prosperity while the seven thin, skeletal cows represent seven years of economic contraction. You need to save and invest aggressively over the next seven years in order to be able to survive the seven bear market years that are to follow.


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  • Nothing at all. It was only a dream and nothing more than that.


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