What should I do about him? Why so nice?

Got to know this one guy a little, I might have led him to a bit. He was super sweet and caring, jokey, and so on. We hung out a few times, but I was never really interested in him. His friend and I get introduced, and I like his buddy. After talking back and forth, he becomes a messenger between us two, and eventually, his responses became rather sad and, well not angry, but frustrated? I asked him why and he hesitated to respond, then asked if I wanted to see a movie with him. I said yes, and planned it, then told him about how I'm so happy about the other guy.

He then proposed to give the other guy (who he is friends with) the tickets to take me to the movie instead. I said no and felt bad, but he insisted, and I was sort of excited. So, the guy I like did, but now I feel awful (since my friend paid for everything, and even set it all up). I asked him about it and kept asking over and over, and he admitted to liking me. I asked him why to give the tickets and such after admitting, and he said just to make others happy makes me happy. He still seems super sad and upset, but he's a really nice guy and a good friend, what do I do?

We are supposed to hang out this weekend but he seems hesitant to do so... tried texting and he said he's fine, but then gets depressed again, and starts drifting, and stops texting me


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  • Dammit he sounds exactly like me. I loved a woman and she loved me, but she also loved another, I told her to follow her heart on whom she likes more (had my reasons). Over time it became difficult cause she was talking about him more and more, I felt what I was doing was right, I encouraged her to go after him and each time I did my heart started to crack (I was long distance, he was close by). Till then she only talked about him and ended uo chosing him instead of me, felt my heart just shatter into many pieces. Time passed and he gave up on her, it was such a waste. I cared for her very deeply we had similar interests, I loved her and I wanted her to be happy which was why I pushed her to him thinking shed be happy. We're friends again and I wonder if she regrets choosing him.

    You led him along doesn't matter how much, so you must share the responsibility. He is pushing you towards the other guy so you'll be happy at his expense. I feel bad for the guy cause I was in his shoes before. Nice guys finish last and are becoming a real treasure among all the cheap diamond pricks out there.

    Its your choice what you want to do.


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  • I wouldn't accept the fact that he paid for the tickets and you shouldn't have accepted it as well. I think you should stop seeing him in general, otherwise he will keep hurting and he won't ever get over you


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