Might Give Up Online Dating?

I have tried for months to find a Girlfriend on Pof, OkCupid, and Tinder and, I still can't find one. I have tried everything changing my username, headline, updating my pictures, updating my description, nothing seems to work, I am, I really that unattractive?
I might try and go out and talk to girls, might be done with online dating it hasn't worked for me. What about the rest you any success using online dating?


Most Helpful Girl

  • The only thing I can chalk it up to is your age. At 22 I found dating really frustrating. I was in college and it seemed like everyone just wanted to be unattached. Hooking up was the thing to do. Which is fine if you are into that, but as a relationship person, that's been a struggle for me.

    You basically just have to keep doing whatever to meet people. Online dating is just one way to meet new people. If you are in school, try joining some clubs, go to events and just get out and meet new people. That will open up your dating pool and will help you find a girlfriend.


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  • I do fairly well, I can get a date within a week if I put effort into finding someone. Currently dating a new chick (dropped two other chicks that I met from online when I met her) so not trying at the moment.


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  • No idea, but in my opinion online dating is more for a hook up than something serious.

    I think you should go out in real life and enjoy life. Don't look too hard for a girl cause it may seem pushy and not attractive. You need to just go with the flow if it happens good, if not then it's alright too.


What Guys Said 1

  • I completely agree with @someho. You should meet people in real life. If you see a girl you like, approach her and ask her on a date. Girls like guys who are straight forward and confident


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