No Quick Answer Back?

Okay I've been on this dating site for 2 weeks almost instantly I found this guy I liked. So I sent him a "flirt" & the next time he got on he sent me one too. Then last week I actually messaged him & he didn't come on until 3 days later and he messaged me back. So I replied the same day and then he messaged back the next day (we're never on at the same time). So today we both were finally on at the same time when I replied. But he logged off 15 minutes later and didn't reply.

Why didn't he try to have a conversation when we were finally on at the same time? Am I making myself too available? What should I do?


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  • Well, there could be lots of factors. (Has to go somewhere, etc.) But most likely, he isn't interested. :/


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  • All those websites that are "free" like PlentyofFish are where the scum and players swim.

    He has many women lined up and is probably going 4 the easiest lays first.

    He isn't interested in the way you are.

    Experience! sigh...