Girls, how long does it take for you to get over a serious crush?

For how long will you think about them? Do you ever forget about him?

What if you had a boyfriend but were crushing on someone else pretty hard, do you ever think about him from time to time?


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  • I have one that I've had since the 8th grade (im in 11th now) its the longest standing one yet lol but then again im not trying to get over him, i liked what we had. How long it took my to get over my first love? around 2 weeks, what can i say, im not a sad/emotional person

  • I get easily over it. Try to focus on something else. Make an enjoyable hobby. Any impossible love will be a history 😉

    • How long does it take and for how long will you still think about him from time to time?

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    • So if you saw him in a college class 2x a week, how would you feel?

      And how would you feel if you never saw him after that class?

      And what about if you had a boyfriendv

    • Well, if I had a boyfriend, then that means I love my boyfriend and I don't care about my crush.

  • I don't crush, but i do have feelings for someone.


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