Girls, when meeting a new guy, can his name ever pose a problem?

I know this might sound like a stupid question, like "of course not, I'm not gonna turn a guy down because of his name!" but I have a rather weird-sounding, ethnic name. Add to that, I am just as attracted to white girls who have probably never heard my name before than girls from my own race. I had one white girlfriend before and she couldn't even pronounce my name when we first met. She ended up rarely calling me by my name and mostly just called me a nickname she made up, which was basically the first syllable of my name.

How much of a problem can a guy's weird-sounding name be to you? When I meet girls that I'm not interested in having anything serious with (no chance of me bringing her home to meet my family) should I just go ahead and introduce myself by a fake name?


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  • I don't think you should lie, regardless of whether you intend seeing them again or not. And no, names would never be a problem for me. It would stand out more to me actually if a guy had an unusual name.

  • No, especially if you particularly enjoy your own name. It would really be insensitive if a girl disregarded anyone because of a name.


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