What guy should write you on a first message that you would want to respond him?

What guy should write you on a first message on a dating site that you would want to respond him?
Would it be something that he notice on your looks or your hobbies, movies you like or something specific?


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  • A SHORT message that still shows he read my profile.

    Like, some guys just write "sup" or "hey." Unless you're super cute, that won't work. Then guys learn that, then read a profile and write a stupid essay about a girl's profile... while being boring af.

    So like, show you read it, keep it short, and be entertaining.

  • When I did online dating the ones I responded to most were ones that mentioned an interest from my profile and asked a question to open up conversation. Mentioning looks is pretty much a no go. It's assumed that if you're messaging them that you find them attractive enough.

    A really cool online dating tip I heard for guys was to write a message regarding a specific interest, like hiking, then search all profiles that had that interest mentioned. You then send the message to all those profiles. It comes across more genuine and engaging but you still get the benefit of sending out mass messages.


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