Do men or women have a higher range of what they see as attractive?

In terms of percentages. I saw something where women only see 20% of men attractive. I've thought about it and I agree that men have a wider view of what they deem beautiful

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  • My boyfriend thinks way more girls are attractive than I do.


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  • If you're talking about just physical attraction, I think men have a much wider range of what they consider attractive. Like most men could be arroused by an average looking girl who is topless or in a revealing/provocative oufit but very few if any women would be arroused by an average guy with his shirt off.

    Women seem to find most men physically unappealing unless they have an emotional connection with him. For a guy to be sexually appealing without an emotional connection, he needs to be exceptionally good looking.


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  • It depends on the person, not the gender


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  • men..

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