How can I make my girlfriend not feel nervous around me?

Basically, I started dating this girl, who I've known for 3 years, about a week and a half ago. she's super flirty, and really outgoing to everyone, and a lot of guys like her. Well i told her how i felt about her blah blah blah she said she had a crush on me for over a year and now were dating, except one problem, she's kinda shy around me now. (she always was a little but now she like kinda avoids talking to me and gets shy when i talk to her)

So i texted her and asked her why she never talked to me and seemed bored, and she straight out told me that she gets nervous around me, and that she doesn't wanna look dumb in front of me, and i told her that its cute and idc what she does cause i'll still like her but she still seems kinda awkward to talk to me.

Basically, anything I can tell her/do for her to make her feel normal and be herself around me? I was thinking about hugging her or something, but even I'm a little nervous to do that.

Thank you for reading!


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  • Maybe do a little "activity" date with some competition involved like bowling or something itll make her more at ease/make her forget about concentrating on looking dumb in front of you

  • Be calm, smile

    • thats the worst advice I've seen in my life

    • obviously😂

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