If your gf/bf is texting someone they used to fuck and text them while you are on a date with you do you dump her/him or give them a chance?


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  • From a relationship coaches perspective, I would say that it depends on what they were texting about but let's get real: There are two issues here. 1) Texting anyone else while on a date 2) The person they're texting being the person they used to have sex with.

    Walk away.

    • They were talking about meeting up and the girl said she couldn't let him come over because her mom was there

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    • You are right

    • Thats my friends situation he might get back with the girl that did that to him it wouldn't surprise me

  • she's gone, probably get a proper send off too like me bangin a friend or family member


What Girls Said 1

  • If they were texting on the date I'd be very annoyed. I'd probably dump them tbh.

    • They were talking about meeting up to chill 🍆

    • Yep, they'd be dumped right there and then.

    • That's what i thought too

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