Is it bad that I'm 21 and have never truly been in love?

I am 21 and have dated two guys. I started dating my first boyfriend when I was 17, and that was the most "in love" I have ever felt. I cared about him a lot and thought that he was the one I was going to end up with for good (I know that was stupid on my part, but I was a dumb high school junior). He was the only guy I've ever completely trusted and felt that I could ever possibly be intimate with (although we never were). We are still good friends and have known each other for 15+ years, and although I don't feel that I have romantic feelings for him anymore, I wish things could've been different and worked out sometimes, since I am hard at trusting and feel that he is the only guy I could ever truly trust, and it's taken 15+ years just to get to that level of trust. Although I felt in love with him at the time we dated, I feel that it was puppy love and not the true "in love" feeling that you hear people talk about.
I made a huge mistake by dating my second boyfriend. I knew I didn't feel the same way he felt about me, but he kept begging me to give him a chance and so I caved in. I know better now and will never do that again. I liked him as a person at first, but I never had any real feelings towards him, but thought that he would "grow on me". Needless to say, that never happened. I never felt as though I could be intimate with him and there was just something missing.
I have never dated anyone else and I have never felt "in love" with anyone else, of course. Is this due to inexperience since I've only dated two guys, maybe? It seems that most of my friends have been "in love" with several guys and some are even getting engaged and/or pregnant. That all seems in the distant future for me.


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  • If you only knew how old I was and can't even land a second date.. Lol. I'm not even a bad guy!
    Sometimes in this crazy world you're bad just because of your skin color or your religion.


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  • It's not bad at all. We all make mistakes and those mistakes take you one step closer to the real thing.


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