Why is it I generally like my body but I still feel insecure when my boyfriend says he likes other women or likes other peoples pictures?

I've been with my boyfriend for ages but I generally like my figure, I have 34D boobs, a medium bum and a fairly attractive face (or I think) so why is it that when my boyfriend likes pictures of girls with HUGE boobs and comments on someone else's attractiveness that I feel bad about myself instantly? Surely I should know I have nothing to worry about but I feel so insecure 😫


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  • According to vin dicarlo it would be cause of competition, these girls are making you feel threatened. They might steal your man in effect causing an issue with your survival and producing.

    If that's confusing think about carrying 1000$ cash in your hand while walking down a bad neighborhood known for stealing money.

  • Yeah I guess I could see why even though you sound very good to me , some guys just always want bigger for some reason yet I find your size perfect to me, but we are very visual so are going to look at other women even if you're the best one just because of the differences


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  • I would break up with him - he is disrespecting you.


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