Boyfriend's bestfriend is becoming a problem?

Me and my boyfriend both work at the airport but in different stores. He works with this girl, who is also his manager/bestfriend. Every, single time he praises her, saying how much of a good person she is and that he couldn't have asked for a better best friend than her. I have absolutely no objections to him having a female best friend but he needs to realise where the boundaries are. Recently I have noticed a few things:
1) I smiled at her and she gave me the dirtiest look in the world.
2) she's always caring for him (obsessively)
3) during quiet time we are allowed to speak with people from other stores, so when me and my boyfriend were talking casually, she would come out and shout at him and tell him to go on tills when no one is even in the store.
4) his birthday was just recently and she surprised him with a cake, paid for everyone's lunch, got him an expensive gift (my boyfriend also indirectly compared me to her and made me feel worthless)
5) my boyfriend is always talking about how much she cares for him and how much he loves working with her.

They see eachother 5 days a week and I see him once.
I don't want to think much of it but I'm sick and tired of feeling so jealous and overly-obsessive which keep on eating away my confidence and building on my insecurities.

When my boyfriend made me feel absolutely worthless, I felt so hurt- I couldn't even put it into words.
We've even got into an argument over this and he says I'm being childish and need to grow up.

What should I do?


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  • Leave him it's not right of him to make you feel worthless and calling you childish he's the one acting childish not you

    • Thanks for the MHO and I'm sorry your boyfriend is acting like a jerk

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  • I think you should break up with your boyfriend. I see a lot of red flags in this relationship. Some people like drama to create excitement in their lives. You don't need that in your life, but I think your boyfriend does. He seems immature and insensitive, and I would do some soul searching and ask yourself why you're in such a mediocre relationship.


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  • Look test him, see if he wants to be with u. I tell my boyfriend what he needs to improve on if he is actually interested in me. Then if he improves then I know he wants to be with me since he's trying. If he says no to trying to make u feel like the queen u are then get rid of him, he ain't worth your time.

  • If your boyfriend is making you feel worthless time to get rid of that boyfriend.
    What did he do to make you feel worthless?

    • It was his birthday and I went to meet him. He said:
      1) omg she was thoughtful enough to get my a gift.
      2) I'm so happy she paid the bill for everyone when it was my treat for everyone.
      3) she went through so much effort for me.

      I'm planning something big for him, but it's for the following week as I'm still waiting to get paid from my job..

      I also asked him, if someone asked you what your girlfriend did for your birthday, what would you say?
      He said:
      "I'd tell them you got me an Armani watch."
      I said:
      "So you'd lie? Because you're embarrassed?"
      Awkward silence.

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    • I did. He said I'm being childish and he's not making me feel worthless. But it hurt, a lot. I'm still a student so I work part-time, it takes me time to put money together, so I can't do anything that quickly for him.

    • You really shouldn't have to buy his love with money and he should appreciate you, money, gifts or not. I would start looking elsewhere for love.

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