Knowing only one thing about each of four guys, which would you choose for a blind date?

SCENARIO: A fast-talking female friend of yours knows a lot of local people. She's promised to fix you up with someone so you won't be the only one going stag to a dinner party.

Thing is you and she are both in a hurry; lot to do before dinner. Plus she talks so much it's hard to get a question in edgewise.

Quick decision time! Based on the following selling points you caught her saying, which of these four different guys do you go for?

If your decision would be different for a different situation, please comment!
  • "He's a really good listener!"
    Vote A
  • "He's guaranteed to make you laugh!"
    Vote B
  • "He's known for his vast intellect!"
    Vote C
  • "He is a true gentleman."
    Vote D
  • I took too long to decide! No date for me!
    Vote E
  • I'm inclined against blind dating and would most likely turn down the whole offer.
    Vote F
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What Girls Said 3

  • Went with make me laugh. Even if he's ugly and least the night will be funny 😂

  • I'd go with the funny guy. At least he'd be good company for the evening?

  • The gentleman I guess? lol I dunno


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