Am I falling in love with him?

I'm not looking to fall in love nor enter another relationship after a disastrous one. I met him, he isn't the type of guy I usually date nor get attracted to, I wasn't even attracted to him at first as he isn't really as hot as the guys I liked before but he's sweet and a gentleman. Were dating and though I enjoy going out I don't have the butterflies in my stomach but as days pass and I get to know him better I feel some changes with my feelings, I'm starting to miss him. I'm looking forward to see him. Today we went out and I'm looking at him and I felt like he is starting to look good, attractive in my eyes, he hadn't change but in my eyes, he's the most handsome guy I ever laid my eyes. I've never felt like this, like I said the guys who catch my attention are handsome good looking guys. Am I falling for him? I wanted to kiss him so badly earlier. i wanted to get as close as I can with him. Ugh. This is not good. he's leaving in a couple of months.
Am i just a casual date for him?
Am i just casual date for him?
Last night i ended it with him, told him how I feel and I can't date him casually because thats not what im looking for in a relationship. He took easy and he asked to still be friends and maybe hang out in the future which i politely and firmly declined. That alone tells me how he see and feel about me. Just casual. Im glad i talk to him straight up and ended this casual dating thing. Im investing my time and emotion on a guy who does not feel the same.


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  • I don't know if your falling for him but I went though the exact same thing and I still am. The only difference between you and I is that he's leaving but why not enjoy it while it can last even if it's just for a little while?

    • I can't. I know he's leaving and there really no chance of us ending together so i cut my losses. Besides he told me straight up he won't commit to any girl unless he feels thats spark he felt for his exwife. He clearly didn't feel it for me.

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  • sure seems like it, i think you learned to love him unexpectedly.

    • It's new to me. I usually know who I'm into. He's leaving in few months. I enjoy dating him but I don't want to fall for him

    • Is he leaving for good or is he returning? must be not coming back if you dont want to fall for him right?

    • He's not coming back

  • Sounds like it.
    It happens that way a lot more often than you might realize.

    • I wasn't expecting this. I was cool dating casually as I thought I won't catch feelings for a guy who isn't physically my type

  • You are in love my friend

    • I need to reboot, restore factory setting, clear cache this feeling. Falling in love is the last thing I need.

    • Sorry, I hope it works about for you

    • its ok. its just he's leaving in few months for good.

  • That man has game, like they say.
    Don't hesitate, date him, kiss him.


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