Should I drop this guy or wait for him?

I just met this guy like 2 weeks ago. We hit it off, had great conversations, etc. We've had 2 date so far. I tried to schedule a 3rd one recently but he gave me this longggg excuse of why he couldn't that day but he said he'd see me really soon. It's been 3 days since we talked... am I just being crazy and should chill out? Or is this guy trying to hint that he's not interested.

The only thing that confuses me was the explanation, he told me too much, I didn't really need to know all of his business. But he told me, so I feel like he is interested and is just really busy right now. Help me out, people!

I don't wanna be the stupid girl who waits for a call/text that's never coming


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  • Be nice and wait, be mean and win


What Girls Said 1

  • You should chill out. Maybe he was being honest. I'd wait for another week. If he won't schedule something, give up


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