Should I ask her out?

we hang out at lunch and on the bus to school. She always seems to find me, if I'm at different table at lunch she somehow just shows up. She seems annoyed when other guys talk to her. She told me she likes someone, just not who. I also have a twin brother who is usually with me but she seems to sit/talk with me more. We text occasionally. I invited her to my house and we made cookies together and my bro just kinda watched us hang out. She claims she likes video games but I'm not sure if she's just saying that because I play a lot. My only concern is this guy she says she likes but hasn't told me who.


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  • When you say that she finds you where ever you are is it usually during times when you are with your brother?
    When she is talking to you does she ever glance at your brother?
    When she is with you does she sometimes seem to struggle with what to say?
    Does she agree with everything you say?
    When she talks to you does she speak quietly and in a slower pace than her usual?
    Usually when a girl approaches a guy first especially in school it would usually to get close to the guy's friend or whoever he hangs out with.
    But if she show signs of nervousness or shyness and struggles with what to say and agrees to everything you say and usually girls speak in a quieter tone with a slower pace when she talks to a guy she likes.

    • She hangs out with me even when my brother is at a different table. No I don't think she glances at him, but I'll watch for that. Sometimes we just sit and don't say anything, we don't have much to talk about in this case but something usually comes up after a few minutes. She does agree with me, but usually we don't talk about things that require agreeing with. Sometimes she can seem a little depressed because she has problems with her other friends, and in that case she talks slowly and is quiet, other than that if she get excited about something (her birthday is coming up) she's less quiet and talks faster. I have know her for little over a year so she isn't nervous. When we first met it was at homecoming and I was being antisocial eating food. She pushed me to go dance with her group. She didn't seem that nervous then either.

    • She could just be seeing you as a guy bestfriend but i guess it won't be a bad thing to try and ask her out. Just be confident and ask her out in a casual way. And if she does say no don't be too down because the moment you start feeling down and sorry for yourself other girls will see it in you and they too will be turned off.
      Girls mostly pay attention to confidence and when a guy is confident he is builds this aura and charm and also learn to be gentle. All girls love guys who are gentle and knows how to treat the lady like a princess. but don't bee too nice. On some occasions try to come off a little cold. Girls will always say they want a nice a guy but we as humans our instinct is to be attracted to something that hurts us, and usually girls have this fantasy of being able to change a bad guy to good through the power of love

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  • YES. Duuuh!!! The guy she likes is probably you.


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  • Ask her out!! :) Lmk what she says if you do it

    • Alright, I might do it next week because she's gonna be out of town this weekend

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