Would any of you ladies date a homeless guy?

Imagine he was classy, clean, drug free, not a criminal, just had bad luck.


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  • If I had a home for him to live in and he was 100% trustworthy then yes.


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  • no. how would that even work? i'd date him and know that at the end of the date, he was sleeping outside, freezing to death?

    • yeah, it sucks

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    • no, i don't think their emotions shut off. but i do think in that situation, other things, like finding housing and a job should take precedence.

    • what if they have a full time job already

  • I think it would depend. If the guy is gentle, has a good sense of humour, has good tastes, and confident I wouldn't mind.
    I would actually fell more safe since someone who lives on the streets is a survivor and knows the necessities to get through any difficulties.
    Better than having a rich boyfriend who needs to be babysat 24/7.

    • you are a godsend

    • haha You're too kind to say that but really, this road called life is a dark road and get very lonely especially when the storms come and having someone to walk the road with is more than one could ever ask for.
      As they say "Money can't buy love or happiness"
      So hang in there

  • Nope.

  • yes
    no maybe

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