Does it make a high school-aged teen boy pathetic that his big sister often scares his girlfriends away due to being overprotective?

while the younger brother does little to nothing?

Just curious. I know there's absolutely nothing socially wrong with big brothers looking after their little sisters with the boys they date but is it socially embarrassing for big sisters to scare off the girlfriends of their little brothers?

Decided to ask this question since I have actually experienced something similar to this back when I was a Freshman-Junior in High School. My older sister would assume that the girls that I date are most likely whores looking to take advantage of me and hurt me and often scares them off with physical threats if they look suspicious to her.

  • No, not at all. That's just an older sister being a big sister (to little brothers dating for the first time).
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  • No, since the little brother doesn't have much control over his big sister.
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  • Yes, it makes the little brother look like a weak beta male letting his big sister c0ckblock him from girls like that.
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  • I've had a similar issue. Being a pushover isn't attractive. id say tell your sister that your relationships are none of her business or keep your relationship secret from your family

    • It's not really me being a pushover. I just never expected my older sister to be like this and I have no control over her behavior. The most I could ever do is politely tell her that while I understand that she cares for me and just wants to look after me, it's my dating life. Other than that, I can't completely control everything she feels and does.

    • Oh so its not like she threatened her in front of you. You should have made sure you tell your girlfriend about the suggestions above to make her feel like she's the priority. Though I dont really know the whole situation

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