Crush Advice Needed?

Okay, so there's this girl in my class that I'm pretty sure likes me, and I kinda like her back.

I thought she may just be friendly, but whenever I split up from the group of mutual friends she tags along, and has approached me to chat a few times, and I've done the same.

We are both incredibly shy so we've had a lot of trouble talking to each other, we're kinda more comfortable texting but still just small talk.

What really prevents me from talking to her at the moment is that I'm not sure her bestie likes me in particular; and if this goes awry her bestie would know and if her bestie knows everyone knows.

I was thinking of talking to her on the last day of this term so if it doesn't go smoothly she wouldn't have to see me again. Tips?


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  • I feel like with love, it's sometimes worth it to be brave. And if it does goes awry then the worst case scenario is that everyone knows about how 2 people didn't get together. I think caring about what others think is what made me, and a lot of people miss out on their chance at love.

    Nothing clears it up than a question. Just casually ask if she would like to go to, say, a coffee shop or bookstore with you?


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