How to stop me ex from speaking to my mum?

We broke up 2 years ago, i dont have feelings for him anymore, however do still care about it in a civilized way. However it has got to a point now where i am sensing he wants to make contact with me again but i feel he is using my mum to get to me because i have told him to back away and that i will see him around but thats all i want. They (my mum and him) have bumped into each other quiet a bit lately every so weeks and he has the tendency to ask her about me and also bragging how well his doing and mentioning his dating hot, smart girls and to see if if dating anyone. They also have eachother on facebook and its got to a point where im trying to date new guys but my mum compares them to him and its irritating. I have him on no socials. I think i need to cut off their contact to avoid this discomfort for myself and my mind. Im happy if they just wave but not get so personal you lnow?

Should i tell him to stop and take her off facebook and should i get her too?

Im trying to move on but i feel like he is just setting me back
  • I need to tell him face to face/phone to stop
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  • I need to her to stop
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  • Tell both of them to stop


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