LDR rejected my prom proposal and now I'm sad?

So my ldr boyfriend and I where planing a 3rd visit of him seeing me and he said "I'll come any weekend for you within 1-4 months, I'll make everything work :)" and I said "well you could go to prom with me next month 😘😁" and he said "no! Not one day only! I want to spend at least 9 days with you" and I was pretty speechless by that reaction and it left an empty feeling in my heart (and he's visited me twice so I thought prom would be great this year since we've never gone together and he promised me we would. But I hid my sadness from him and my reaction was "oh... okay handsome" (he likes being called that). Anyways it's not that hard for me to get him a ticket to prom and he promised me in the past that he would go with me if I mentioned it close to the date of prom. So I'm feeling pretty sad. I don't know what to do to feel better. I can't go to prom with my friends because they have all been asked to prom. What do I do to make myself feel better? I'm a senior in high school and I didn't go last year because my boyfriend and I wanted to wait until senior year.


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  • Instead of hiding your sadness tell him that you're sad. Men aren't mind readers, if you said it was ok he's going to believe that. Tell him what you want, what he does with that information is up to him


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