Girls how did you meet your boyfriends/guys you've dated?

so... say when you first met your boyfriend did you go chat to him or at least initiate the conversation? Or did he approach you?

Lastly... I'm reluctant to approach unless she shows some sort of interest. Is this a bad way to go about things? I do randomly get girls smiling at me in random places. But its not like every time i go out... by no means consistent... and its always in an area where i don't live (and also during a family outing) so i know i can't really do anything about it.

I'm quite socially out of tune... especially when it comes to women/dating. But people do find me funny which is good... there's hope.


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  • Through friends and through work


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  • my girlfriend first met me on facebook.. would u blv that?
    our relationship had started online!! and now it's totally a whole new world ahead of us!!

    • Did you just outright message her randomly?

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    • Nope... i said.. hey hi.. what pretty eyes u have girl!! hi this is duh duh duh.. n wanna have a nice conversation.. r u interested? she responded yes!!

    • And.. bingo.. it started!

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  • through common friends, a party and work. (I've dated 3 guys)

  • met boyfriend of 2.5yrs on Skype via common friend. they were neighbours while i live in a diff country. we knew each other online bout a year and i asked him out cuz he's thick as fuck and wudnt pick up my hints lol. we were online relationship for like a few months then he moved here 2 b with me :) still LDR tho cuz he's in another city!


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