Single.. and really shouldn't be?

is there a place girls go to find perfect real people? im loyal, faithful, honest lonely.. i want someone i can cook for and to take care of i wanna someone i can snuggle with and that is task with me 100% no lying, cheating, our getting physical, im really start to get frustrated because of girls playing games, lol you know girls are just as bad as guys. I've been single for about 3 or 4 months and I've talked to like 3 girls i was about to be serious with and i opened up, then i got you seem like a good person and i don't want to lead you on. and yeah they confessed and I'm still friends with them but will never date them. oml. I'm really starting to just say whatever and be single and spend it on myself.


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  • At your age it is going to be tough to find something serious. People aren't ready for relationships that young and the ones that are, are hard to find. Accept being single but at the same time, try to still go out with friends, do social events and even try dating apps just to see what is out there :)

    • that helps in a way, reassurance ig so thank you. but i don't go out our party anymore either i work full-time doing flooring and i go home chill with muh doggo and start over... like you should know there's really no where you can go to socialize like we could at school. and the places that there's a chance, everyone gettin sauced too the point everyone pretty.

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    • meeting*

    • i feel ya!

  • its difficult indeed. maybe u cud ask some of ur buds 2 introduce u 2 someone they know? usually u jst hafta say hey im still single and dnt wanna be.. theyd offer to introduce someone hehe. make urself available! going for walks with ur doge or goin 2 a cafe regularly will increase ur chances of being 'seen' by another lonely regular 😊


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