Why do I lose interest in guys so fast?

I start off fancying a guy thinking he's attractive wanting him to fancy me, he does and then we talk I think I'm interested for a couple of weeks and if they don't date me within that couple of weeks or month it varies on that person I will go off them I discovered. Especially if they show more interest than me. So I'm left in this shit position we're they're asking me when our date is when I no longer want one because I've been put off by little things they do and over eagerness. I am a fussy person but it's not because I believe I'm really really good looking or anything like that, I do have to find the person attractive and I am goodlooking but I have insecurities and I don't feel I'm as goodlooking as others think sometimes. but I don't think I deserve a super model or anything like that. This is the way it used to be when I liked a guy and now it's like I've become like this. It's really bad tho cause when I am interested I sometimes say things like I never get bored talking to u... wind on couple of weeks and I'm looking rid of them lol. The current guy I was interested in as even become unattractive to me. It's annoying. Because I'm trying to move on from someone I used to date but no one lasts and I'm the problem but I can't help it I've just become fussy.
Anyone else have this problem? lol I know there is considering it used to happen all the time to me 😂
What can I do to prevent leading them on?
How do I tell them I'm no longer interested without sounding like a douche?


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  • They don't interest you

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