Why isn't he replying when he obviously can?

So my boyfriend hasn't opened my message for an hour and I went on Facebook and he was active like 20 minutes ago! He's out atm so he probably just can't respond to my text but still..


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  • get a life maybe he's in the shower or eating you never know


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  • You need to relax and go do something to keep your mind off this. You're going to drive yourself insane. He probably just hasn't had a chance to reply.


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  • Here the reasons why I miss writing instantly:
    - busy doing something and forget answering in the consequence
    - not checking my phone because I need to focus
    - I get disturbed while attempting to answer, usually at work
    - not in the mood to (not because of the one sending the msg)
    - simply do not know how to respond or how to continue the conversation (usually combined with reason above)


What Girls Said 1

  • Why do you make a problem out of it.

    Texting should never be an obligation but something you wanna do.

    So make him want to talk to you not feel like that he has too.

    Either he's busy, not in the mood to talk, with someone, has better things to do... just don't worry about it.

    If he wants to talk to you, he will. So do your things don't wait for his message. You're not sure what he's doing at the moment so just let him be.